Write for Yourself, and Readers Will Follow

Today’s Zero to Hero challenge is to add an about widget to your sidebar, and to make sure the title and sub-title of your blog are on point. I already liked the title and sub-title I had, and am pleased with the widget I added.

While those three items may not provide a super focus for my readers right now, the main reason I’m writing this blog is to develop a writing voice. As that voice evolves, so will those three items, and so will the readers.

It’s a sure thing that the people reading your blog at the beginning will be different than those reading it in a years time (even if only because nobody is reading it at the beginning). So it makes little sense to write for your readers at the start. Instead, just focus on yourself.

At the start, it’s more important to keep writing, than to make sure what little readers you have are satisfied.

When I started blogs before, I got so caught up with themes, titles, sub-titles and about pages, that I lost focus of why I was there. I was more focused on why the reader might be there, rather than why I was. Those blogs never lasted. I’m trying it the other way around and so far I’ve had more success (as measured by number of posts I’m happy with) than I ever have had with a blog.

I don’t have a super focus yet, but I like what little focus I do have. I have a thread to work with. I have something that can evolve as I explore that thread. And most importantly, I’m writing.

I like to think that it doesn’t matter what your title, theme, etc, is. Eventually they will feel right. I think it has to do with the idea that so much of success is linked to just showing up. Maybe I’ll explore that theory more in a future post.

This post was in response to Day 2 of the Zero to Hero challenge.

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