Why it’s so Damn Hard to be a Writer

The thought on my mind when I started this blog was to write everyday. There were no other requirements. Just showing up would be enough.

It’s hard work to write everyday. Writing is one of the hardest acts in the world. You are trying to take cloudy, passing thoughts from your brain and turn them into a black and white idea that people can read. It’s almost impossible to even get close to what you’re thinking, but that’s the goal. And the only way to get closer to the goal, is to practice. The only way to practice is to write everyday.

I’m writing this more than 24 hours since my last post, but it still counts. I haven’t gone to bed yet. I need to get this post in before I go to bed. In the morning, I don’t care how it looks, so long as it has been written I’ll be happy. Tomorrow, I will still only have to write one post. I won’t be playing catch-up to keep the streak going. The habit track will still be in play.

The single goal of write everyday is powerful. It will lead to a habit. It will lead to a focus for this blog. It’s the best first goal.

You can’t be a writer without writing. It’s the only requirement to become a writer. You don’t need a special education. You just need some mastery of the craft. It’s the most accessible medium of creation for anyone who can already read and write. If you can think, read, and write, you just need to write to become a writer.

But it’s those limited restrictions that make it so damn hard. When you can write about anything you think, you are left with the decision of what to write about. It’s easier if you have someone to tell you what to write, which is why the Zero to Hero challenge is so great. I’m scared of the days when the challenge is over, and I’m left to write about whatever I want.

It’s hard when whatever you want to say has probably already been said, in every way you can imagine. Why even say it?

You say it to get it out there. By writing what you have to say, it becomes a part of you. Later, when you recognize that someone has already touched on the same truth you’re referring to, you will feel a connection. You will feel like the words you’re reading, even if they are from centuries ago, are partly yours, and that the person who wrote them is the same as you some how.

So that’s what was on my mind when I started this blog. I hope it’s the same thing that’s on my mind when I wake up in the morning.

This post was in response to Day 3 of the Zero to Hero challenge.

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