What I Learned While Picking a WordPress Theme

I’ve been trying not to mess with themes. I get lost in the options. It’s not worth it. The fewer small decisions I have to make the happier I am. That’s why I have multiple plain black t-shirts, one pair of jeans, a hoodie, and one pair of shoes. Not having to make small decisions makes my life easier and better. That’s why I try not to mess with themes.

Then, Day 5 of the Zero to Hero challenge arrived. The challenge asks you to try themes you would never think of using. So I did, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

I found a new theme. And I like it better than the one I was using.

I don’t like themes that account for post type, because I only use the standard format. It was pointless having a little icon indicating what type of post you were about to read.

I don’t like having a tag line displayed, and I didn’t realize that until I switched themes. Turns out I also didn’t like the text widget I had added. Now it’s hidden, like a treat for the reader. I can hide whatever I want in that little top-right hand corner tab.

I’m only worried about content, so typography is important. I love the contrast in font colors and the large print of the Bushwick theme. And I love that it features the most recent content, alone, at the top, with nothing but titles below. I make a concerted effort when writing titles, so showing them off makes me happy.

But maybe the thing that makes me most happy about this new theme is that I get to display a large, filthy picture of a satisfied Bukowski. Because what more can you strive for as a writer?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear a white t-shirt instead.

5 thoughts on “What I Learned While Picking a WordPress Theme

  1. werrrds, just a note, I really liked your other theme! – and this one seems to have some problems displaying on my macbook pro, so you might check it out on a friend’s machine – but I love your bold approach to change!

  2. @bodhisattvaintraining: Thanks for the feedback on both the writing and the theme.

    @tj: I’ll definitely test the theme out on a few machines in a few different browsers to see how it looks. Thanks for letting me know, and for your feedback. I guess that’s one vote for the new theme, one for the old!

  3. PJ, Charles Bukowski was a writer/poet with a strong personality and an interesting perspective on life. Check out the link in the post. And Linus is the name of the Peanuts character — a favorite for sure.

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