How to Write About Anything

The more you write, the more you begin to develop a process for writing. Each person’s process is different, and each writer’s process can vary depending on the medium.

If you write regularly, you already have a process.

The more you write, the more you begin to identify what is worth writing about and how to write about it. You get better at recognizing the ideas worth exploring and how to explore them.

Day 6 of the Zero to Hero challenge reminded me of a technique I wanted to add to my blogging process. The challenge is to use a new element. I chose to embed a tweet.

I use Twitter as a reader, not a writer. I haven’t tweeted yet, but I use the account almost daily. A while ago I started marking tweets a favorites. Often, I favorited a tweet because it had a link to something I wanted to read or watch later. But sometimes, as I’m looking back, the favorite only contained the text of the tweet. What the Tweeter had said resonated with me for some reason and I wanted to remember it. I think each of those favorited tweets contained a thread that I wanted to expand on, in blog form.

For the past 5 days my blogging process has been to read the day’s Zero to Hero challenge, let it marinate in mind for a bit, open the New Post tab in WordPress, let the idea marinate some more, then start writing. How the post gets written is still a mystery. Intuitively, I understand the process, but the details behind how it gets written will need to be explored in a future post. I know I write the title last, but that’s about it.

After the challenge is over, I’ll need my own prompts to get the process started.

Enter, the tweet technique:


The above Alan Watts quote is how I feel about the blogging process. If you meditate on a prompt, eventually you’ll see the connection. If you have a process in place, you’ll always be able to express that connection in words.

What do you use for writing prompts? Do you have a writing process?

4 thoughts on “How to Write About Anything

  1. Awesome post. I think a lot about my process. I keep a list of ideas for when I need a quick one – I have the 15 or so best ones posted on a page at one of my blogs. I don’t typically have trouble with ideas for blogs – the internet is just so full of ideas. Fiction, however, is another story.

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