Your Words Don’t Matter

I’ve only been writing this blog for a week and already I’m sick of my own voice, but maybe that’s the point.

Maybe you need to keep writing to get past all the bullshit. Maybe you need to go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, get lost, and then see what surfaces.

Maybe the moments when you feel stuck — when you feel like writing is pointless — are the most important.

Dig, dig, dig.

Write until you feel empty.

Keep writing until you don’t give a damn what people think about your words. Besides, your words don’t matter — the work does.

Get the pretentiousness out.

That’s the danger of going from writing in a notebook to publishing a blog — people begin to read you, so you feel like you must cater to them. As soon as you start doing that you’ve lost your inspiration. That’s when writing stops being fun. When writing isn’t fun, it stops being a sustainable pursuit.

Fun doesn’t mean easy. Writing doesn’t have to be easy to be fun. In fact, the harder the better. When writing is hard, it forces you to dig.

Do the work. Eventually you’ll find something worth writing about.

*remember, all advice is autobiographical


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