Work Culture is Important to Your Customers

I woke up at 7am this morning. It’s the earliest I’ve been awake in over a week. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I was awake this early.

It’s not that I’m lazy or depressed. It’s because I provide email support for a living and have been working until 10pm each night for the past couple of weeks. The messed up work schedule has been affecting my sleep patterns. So I turned on the computer, put a pot of coffee on, made some chess moves in two important games that were about to expire, finished transferring a website I made for a local business to its new host, and decided to write a blog post.

I was inspired to write the post because of my recent experience with changing web hosts. I switched from Bluehost to A Small Orange and couldn’t be happier.

There were a number of factors that made me consider the switch:

  • I had been with Bluehost for about 4 years and they wanted to charge me $9 a month for way more services than me or my clients need.
  • I can get all the services I need with A Small Orange for $5 a month.
  • The ASO website feels better. It feels like a small business. You can tell they care about their customers and are proud of the customer support they provide.

It’s the last of the above points that matters the most. Even if the prices were the same for both hosts, I would have considered moving to A Small Orange based on how I felt after browsing their website.

After registering an account, transferring the domains I own, and transferring the files that live at those domains, I can confidently say I made the right decision.

I had never switched hosts before so I was concerned about the transfer process. I was concerned it would be a big headache. It wasn’t. I received proactive emails from the support team, used the excellent Knowledge Base ASO provides, and navigated the friendly user interface with ease. It turned out to be really easy.

So the transfer was a breeze, but I also need to mention how I heard of A Small Orange, because it was a big factor in what made me switch. I discovered them while on the 37 Signals job board, We Work Remotely. If you haven’t heard of 37 Signals or their job boards, I encourage you to check out both. The 37 Signals blog is phenomenal and the company’s business model is an inspiration.

I was intrigued by A Small Orange because of their awareness and appreciation for 37 Signals.

It’s been a dream of mine to have a job I can do either from home or anywhere in the world. 37 Signals is pretty much the global ambassador for remote work. As I said earlier, I provide email support for a living. The work we do could be done from anywhere, but the company is not on-board the remote work train as of yet (despite my best efforts to turn them). So I heard about A Small Orange when I was looking at the customer support section of the job board. I haven’t applied for a job there and don’t think I ever will, but any company that understands the importance of a progressive work culture will get my business over one that doesn’t every time. I don’t know the work culture of Bluehost, but based on their website I doubt they are a fun little company like A Small Orange.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how pleased I was with ASO on this unusually early morning.

Oh, and you know another fun company with a progressive work culture that has used the 37 Signals job board before? Automattic! The company behind your beloved WordPress. It’s a big reason I use their services. You can feel the culture in their words and work.

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