Success is an Exception

I wrote yesterday about how a company’s work culture can affect its customers. I made reference to 37 Signals as a model company. A company to admire and learn from. Today, one of their employees said on Twitter:

I want to talk to someone who just HATES @37signals. Let me know if you want to get some shit off your chest.

It was retweeted by one of the founders of 37 Signals, Jason Fried.

The company is going out of its way to ask for criticism. Having Fried retweet the request means he would also like to hear the same criticisms. They’re not asking for just any criticism, they want the most extreme criticism available. They want feedback from someone who HATES the company.

I think having an employee proactively seek negative feedback from customers so they can provide a better service or product is a direct result of having a great work culture. It’s the result of an employee loving the company they work for and wanting to make it better.

It’s not a fluke that 37 Signals is successful — they’re exceptional.

2 thoughts on “Success is an Exception

  1. When you read through the replies you can get a better sense of the feedback Shaun was hoping to receive from customers. I think it’s great.

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