Her, Love, and the Key to Writing More

I watched Her last night.

The movie is set in the slight future and is about a man, Theodore (Joaquin Pheonix), who falls in love with his operating system, Samantha (Scarlett Johansen).

Close to the climax, Samantha explains to Theodore how she’s evolving, as she has learned about love and now claims to love over 600 different people — not just him. He can’t believe it, but she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. She explains that the more people she falls in love with, the more she loves him. Her capacity for love grows.

I’m beginning to feel the same way about blogging, in relation to writing in general. I thought that as I started to write a blog I might stop writing in a notebook. I was worried I’d stop writing for myself. The opposite is true. I write more now. I have more to say. I think more about what I can write. I have more ideas.

I also felt like when I started blogging I would soon run out of ideas for blog posts. It’s just the opposite again. It seems like each blog post inspires at least another five.

Just like love, as you write more, your capacity for the act increases.

4 thoughts on “Her, Love, and the Key to Writing More

  1. Good post! I haven’t watched “Her” but I am glad you are getting into this blogging because I enjoy reading your posts. BTW, I sent out a blog directing other bloggers to your blog. 😀

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