Why I Love the Coen Brothers

This post is straight from the notebook. I wrote it yesterday after watching Inside Llewyn Davis.

I know I liked a movie if, when it’s over, I go “huh…” and then sit in silence through the entirety of the end credits. For this, there are no greater masters than the Coen brothers. I’ve never had one of their movies not have this effect on me. I just watched Inside Llewyn Davis — same effect.

When the movie ended, I went “huh…” and then started putting the pieces together.

“Did Llewyn stay in show business?”

“Will he go to sea?”

“Does he befriend Bob Dylan or is Llewyn just one of the many that fall short of their dreams?”

“Was Llewyn a loose sketch of Dylan?”

“What was the importance of the cat?”

“What happened to John Goodman’s character?”

“Did Goodman put a curse on Llewyn? Was the curse that Llewyn gives up on his dreams at just the wrong time, and Dylan takes his dues?”

So many questions.

The Coen’s are the thinking man’s movie makers.

They’re like zen monks. They present you with questions which have no answers, to test the dualistic and finite nature of your mind.

A Coen brothers movie is the popular culture equivalent of a Koan (the Koan brothers?). Their movies are riddles designed to break down the walls of your psyche in order to expose you to truths previously unexplored.

Either the Coen brothers are geniuses, or maybe I just want to believe they are way too much.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love the Coen Brothers

  1. You are for sure a thinking man’s man. I have not seen his movies but it certainly sounds interesting; in fact they sound a little puzzling? Do you like puzzles? 😀

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