Hustle is Real

I just finished watching American Hustle. Right before that I posted about believing in yourself, doing instead of trying, and achieving your dreams. Turns out that’s exactly what the movie is about.

From head to toe.

That’s the recurring theme throughout American Hustle. The line is repeated numerous times. It means committing to an idea, fully. It means, if you’re going to do something, commit to it entirely — get lost in it so that it’s real.

All that’s real is what you believe.

The characters in American Hustle believe this. The main character, Irving, said:

The world is more gray than black-and-white.

You can make yourself and others believe whatever you want. But the movie also shows you what happens if you fake it — if you’re not all in, head to toe.

If you can make yourself believe, you can mold the world into whatever you want. Problem is, you often don’t know what you want on a subconscious level. When this happens you end up with a fake belief and a false reality.

Hustle is real, careful what you wish for, etc.


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