Feel Alive, Say Yes

There are times in your life when you can let an opportunity pass, or you can say yes and take it.

Say yes.

When an opportunity feels right in your guts but it’s scares the shit out of you at the same time, say yes.

When you say yes you open doors. When you say no you close them. It’s scary business, but is it scarier to say yes and to face your fears or to say no and never realize whether there was anything to be scared of in the first place?

You are far more capable than you realize. Give yourself a chance to prove you wrong. Instead of being your biggest doubter and most difficult critic, be your biggest fan. Be your own champion.

You will never achieve your dreams by saying no. That doesn’t mean you need to yes to everything, but your success will be the result of an eventual yes so you might as well get used to it.

You don’t know which yes will be the yes you need. There’s no dream angel sitting on your shoulder telling you when you should be paying attention. But the more you say yes the better you’ll get at recognizing when it will be okay to say no and when an opportunity is not to be missed.

But still, just say yes.

Life is more interesting when you say yes. Saying yes means you will have to get nervous and anxious about something. That’s a shitty and uncomfortable feeling but at least it’s a feeling. When you say no it usually doesn’t result in feeling alive.

Feel alive, for Christ’s sake.


3 thoughts on “Feel Alive, Say Yes

  1. It’s such a nice thought, most of us are raised in a way that we are taught to be afraid of trying anything new. If you think about it every time we tried to do something different as children or to touch something that we liked, we were told no, or we were punished. They always said listen to the little angel in your shoulder, and the little angel was always saying no, don’t do this, don’t do that, that is bad, Then we grow up and we forget that no one else is behind out decisions, and we just keep saying no on automatic.

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