Dreams, Happiness, and Other People

The only dream you’ll be able to believe in is your own.

You know what that dream is. Don’t let the questioning or suggestion of others cloud your understanding and determination.

No other person knows the inside of you the same way you know yourself. Not your parents, friends, significant other, boss, teacher, or cat. Even if they have the best of intentions, those people don’t know the real you. They don’t know what you yourself know you are capable of. Despite what they think, they don’t know what’s best for you. They only want what is best for you, in terms of what is best for them.

Eventually the ones you love and the ones that really do love you, accept whatever it is you’re after and stop projecting their ideas of a past you onto a present you. But they will continue to put you in a box until you correct them. And you can only correct them by showing them.

It takes time to escape the narrow vision others have of you, but it’s necessary if you want to pursue something bigger or different than what’s currently in front of you.

If you don’t want to change, that’s fine. Be you and be happy. But be true to yourself. If you’re not happy don’t take it out on others who are trying to better themselves.

If you do want to change, that’s good too. Allow yourself too. But don’t take it out on others in the process. It’s the harder road of the two but just because it’s hard for you doesn’t mean you can stop being a nice person. You won’t get where you want to be by being an asshole. Accept the criticism of others at face value. Consider their opinion and acknowledge it as just that, an opinion. It’s not yours but maybe you can learn something from it.

Escaping the judgement of others in order to create the world you want is hard work, but necessary and absolutely worth it in the pursuit of happiness and dreams.