Five-year Plans for Writers

It’s one o’clock in the morning and I’m thinking about five-year plans. Actually, I’m doing research. I’m trying to figure mine out.

It’s weird, I don’t think I ever thought five years ahead until I turned 30, then it became my favorite thing to think about. I’m only now realizing how much I enjoy following the projection of a possible plan over those five years. Sometimes it feels like I’ve explored every plan imaginable, but then another one shows up.

But the real plan is happening now, in real-time.

Everyday is the first day of the next five years, and always will be until you die. Your next five years starts tomorrow, forever.

I’ve been thinking about where my writing and this blog fit into the picture. What do I want to be writing about in five years? Will I base the progression of my career around it? I’m not saying that I’m going to blog for a living, but will I be influenced into choosing a direction for the next five years based on the writeableness (not a word) of the plan?

That said, if I decide to have a family will I end up writing about that experience? Does someone have a family because they want something to write about?

Is writing a good enough reason to have a family, or pursue a specific career?

Those questions don’t need answers.

At times, your writing will inspire parts of your life, and other times your life will inspire your writing.

That said, I feel like for most writers the latter is true. They are inspired by life to write and they seek out those inspirations. It’s something to consider when you’re thinking about five-year plans.